Columbia Metals Presents at Forging Masterclass

10 October 2016

Ian Moody, Product Manager at Columbia Metals, presented lectures on the forging of copper alloys at a masterclass event hosted by the British Artist Blacksmiths Association (BABA) on Saturday 8 October. The event took place at blacksmith Andy Hopper’s forge in Christchurch and was well attended by a group of blacksmiths keen to learn more about the use of copper alloys in their trade.

Ian gave a lecture on the metallurgy of copper alloys and focused on COLDUR-A®, a proprietary silicon bronze alloy available only from Columbia Metals. This theoretical introduction was followed by a practical demonstration by Andy, who showed how the material could be forged and introduced examples of his own work with the product in the past.

Ian continued the event with a lecture on methods of joining and fabrication and offered suggestions for patination and polishing of the finished product. Andy brought the day to a close with a demonstration of the forging of nickel aluminium bronze and of polishing techniques.

Columbia Metals has a close relationship with the UK’s blacksmith community and is proud to offer a wide range of copper alloys available for metalworking applications.

Photo credit: Ken Fanner

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