World Record Attempt Has Columbia On Board

10 January 2012

Columbia Metals are proud to announce we will be supporting a world record attempt that will rely heavily on an alloy from our stock range.

Late last year, we were approached by a two-man team attempting to raise £250,000 for charity by setting a new world record. The team will be setting off in early 2013 to pedal a boat for 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in less than 40 days, raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and Make-A-Wish Foundation. The boat has been made entirely from scratch and will be the most advanced human-powered boat in the world.

Project Torpedalo asked Columbia Metals if we would be willing to help. They needed a billet of Aluminium Bronze (NES833) for use in the drive system to hold the propeller shaft and also balance the boat. We are delighted to have agreed to their request, and will be supplying them with the required material.

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