CHROMZIRC-328 is a copper chromium zirconium alloy with the outstanding electrical and heat transfer properties of copper but without the drawbacks of being soft and ductile.

The addition of a small amount of chromium ensures its high strength, especially after suitable heat treatment that achieves its good mechanical properties.

CHROMZIRC-328 (copper chromium zirconium) is predominantly used in resistance welding equipment and in the field of electrical engineering.

Related Specifications of CHROMZIRC-328

  • CC102
  • C18150
  • CW106C
  • BS4577 A/2/2
  • BS2874
  • ISO 5182
  • 2.1293
  • CuCr1Zr
  • CuCrZr (DE)

Nominal Composition of CHROMZIRC-328

Cu rem, Cr 1.0%, Zr 0.1%

Mechanical Properties of CHROMZIRC-328

Ultimate Tensile Strength (N/mm²) Proof Stress (N/mm²) Elongation (%) Hardness (HB)
450 400 20 140HV

Key Features of CHROMZIRC-328

  • High electrical conductivity
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High strength
  • Resistance to softening at elevated temperatures

Applications of CHROMZIRC-328

Electrical | Switchgear components, circuit breaker parts, rotating electrical machinery; electrical and thermal conductors

Chemical processing | Turbine generators, current-carrying arms and shafts for process plants

Other | Resistance welding, electrodes, shafts, electrode holders, seam welding wheels and flash or butt welding dies

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  Related Specifications Mechanical Properties
Alloy Name BS UNS BS EN Others Ultimate Tensile Strength N/mm² Minimum Yield Strength N/mm² Elongation % Hardness HB  
Co­pp­er Ni­ck­el 90­/1­0 CN­10­2 C7­06­00­; C7­06­10 CW­35­2H 2.­08­72 28­0 10­5 27 70-12­0
Co­pp­er Ni­ck­el 70­/3­0 / NE­S 78­0 CN­10­7 C7­15­00­; C7­15­20 CW­35­4H NE­S7­80 31­0 27 80-12­0
DE­F ST­AN 02-83­5 C7­24­20 DG­S3­57 71­0-72­5 40­0-43­0 18-22
NI­BR­ON SP­EC­IA­L® DT­D9­00­/4­80­5 C7­24­00 2.­15­04 77­0-85­0 55­5-63­0 12 22­9-24­0
DT­D4­98 / BS­B2­5 DT­D4­98 C6­47­00 CW­11­1C BS­B2­5 58­0 43­0 18 15­9-20­7H­V
CO­LS­IB­RO­® DT­D4­98 C6­47­00­; C1­80­00 CW­11­1C 2.­08­55 55­0-64­0 43­0-59­0 10 15­5-18­0
TR­OJ­AN C7­02­50­; C7­02­52 CW­11­2C 2.­08­57 69­0-80­0 57­0-75­0 10 19­0-20­0
Be­ry­ll­iu­m Co­pp­er (B­EC­OL-25­) CB­10­1 C1­72­00 CW­10­1C AS­TM B1­96­; CD­A 17­20­0
CH­RO­MZ­IR­C-3 CC­10­1 C1­82­00 CW­10­5C BS 45­77 A/­2/­1 45­0 40­0 20 14­0H­V
CH­RO­MZ­IR­C-32­8 CC­10­2 C1­81­50 CW­10­6C BS­45­77 A/­2/­2; IS­O5­18­2 45­0 40­0 20 14­0H­V
CO­LD­UR-A® CS­10­1 C6­55­00­; C6­56­00 CW­11­6C AS­TM B9­8; AS­TM B2­49 48­5 26­0 20
CO­LD­UR-B C6­51­00 CW­11­5C AS­TM B9­8 38­0 14­0 15