Trumpet bells

Since branching out into the production of custom-made trumpets in the 1990s, Andy Taylor, the proprietor of Taylor Trumpets, has designed a diverse range of instruments within the brass family. As an ex-professional musician, Andy is well aware of the need to combine aesthetics with sound quality and this has led him to creating some highly distinctive instruments, including some that require the inclusion of nickel silver.

“I thoroughly enjoyed playing the trumpet as a teenager,” enthuses Andy. “I also played a number of other instruments, and still do, and felt my skills and interests could be put to good use. At the beginning I worked on building prototype trumpets and used the experience I previously had from making French horns.”

In a recent design of trumpets with a nickel flare, Andy was looking for some nickel silver rod to be attached to the circumference of the trumpet opening. “Finding nickel silver the right size was a challenge!” recalls Andy. “I needed this grade to match the colour of the flare as best as I could, and Columbia Metals had the right size in a sensible quantity.”

For his creation, Andy purchased some 5/32” diameter NS101 nickel silver rod. This was formed into a circle, soldered and trimmed.

“Reliable suppliers like Columbia Metals ensure we can push the boundaries of trumpet making further than most,” finishes Andy. “We strive to maintain the high quality and individual craftsmanship that goes into every instrument. And probably most importantly of all, we do our very best to ensure that each and every customer continues to receive that personal touch.”

About Taylor Trumpets
Taylor Trumpets are specialist makers of trumpets, cornets and flugelhorns. The company was initially established in 1989 to supply bells to other brass instrument makers. Taylor Trumpets now hand craft their flagship Piranha and Chicago range of trumpets and make specialised components for other brass instrument makers.

About NS101
NS101 is a 10% nickel-containing alloy and the most commonly used grade of nickel silver in round bar. With a pleasing silvery gold colour, it is readily formed into complex shapes by hot stamping and also offers a good machinability. Columbia Metals stocks NS101 and the European CW402J equivalent from 1/8” to 1.1/2” diameter.