Wheel Nut Bush

Laranca Engineering has supported internationally recognised motorsport teams for 55 years and is meticulously focused on the materials suitable for its engineering projects. In a recent customer commission for a wheel nut bush, Laranca immediately approached Columbia Metals.

“We have been using Columbia Metals as a supplier for many years and needed some 2.1/2” diameter PB102 phosphor bronze to make this component for a race wheel,” begins company owner Richard Shaw. “The part was designed by our customer and uses PB102 for its good machinability and corrosion resistance.”

Laranca’s in-house engineering department is augmented by Laranca Motorsport, a leading historic motorsport preparation team with a winning record in BMW touring cars and single seaters from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. This track record has made them first choice with drivers competing at major events.

“In our view, Columbia Metals is also a market leader in a number of different alloys,” highlights Richard, “with the added benefit of being competitively priced!”

About Laranca Engineering
Laranca Engineering is a specialist manufacturer for the motorsport industry. Established in 1967 in the West Midlands, the company manufactures components for both modern and historic sports, touring and rally cars as well as Formula One.

About PB102
PB102 is the standard grade of wrought phosphor bronze, containing additions of around 5% tin and up to 0.4% phosphorus to enhance its wear resistance, mechanical strength, stiffness and corrosion resistance. The alloy is often used as a fastener material and for pump and valve spindles, shafts, flanges, springs and masonry fittings. Columbia Metals stocks PB102 in round bar from 3/32” to 5” diameter and in hexagon from 3/8” to 2.3/8” A/F.