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Alloy 400 v Alloy 625

16 May 2024

When selecting materials for industrial applications, it’s crucial to understand the specific characteristics and suitability of different alloys. Alloy 400 and Alloy 625 are two nickel-based alloys that often come up in discussions due to their unique properties and widespread use across various industries. Here, we compare these two alloys to help you make an …

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Alloy 400 v Alloy K500

18 April 2024

Within the Monel family of nickel-copper alloys there are two particular alloys, Alloy 400 and Alloy K500, that appear outwardly to be very similar. An in-depth examination reveals there are differences between the two. Further explanation of these differences can prove of benefit in issues of material selection. In this post we will look at …

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