Form Size Range
5/32″ – 5″ diameter
0.193″ – 1.7/8″ A/F
10g – 24g
5/16″ – 1.1/2″ square

Flat and Tube also available

Our brass product range includes many of the most commonly used grades – from naval brass to high-tensile brass and from dezincification-resistant brass to free-machining brass. These offer a variety of properties such as high strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and machinability. Widely used in almost every industrial sector, brass is the most common of the copper-based alloys.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc to which other elements are added. These additions – commonly tin, manganese, arsenic, aluminium, silicon and lead – are usually less than 5% and enhance the individual properties, resulting in a material that is ideal for specific application areas. There are over 40 standard grades of brass with a zinc content varying from around 5-40%.

  Related Specifications Mechanical Properties
Alloy Name BS UNS BS EN Others Ultimate Tensile Strength N/mm² Minimum Yield Strength N/mm² Elongation % Hardness HB  
CZ101 (CW501L) CZ­10­1 C2­20­00 CW­50­1L BS­28­70
CZ­10­8 (C­W5­08­L) CZ­10­8 C2­74­00 CW­50­8L BS­28­70 35­0 15 10­0H­V
CZ109 (CW509L) CZ­10­9 C2­80­00 CW­50­9L BS­28­74 34­0 25
CZ110 (CW702R) CZ­11­0 C6­87­00 CW­70­2R BS­28­74 28­0 36-40
CZ112 (CW712R) CZ­11­2 C4­64­00 CW­71­2R BS­28­74­; AS­TM B2­1 35­0-40­0 15-20
CZ114 (CW721R) CZ­11­4 CW­72­1R BS­28­74­; EN­12­16­4 44­0-46­0 21­0-27­0 12-18
CZ115 (CW722R) CZ­11­5 CW­72­2R BS­28­74 44­0-46­0 21­0-25­0 12-15
CZ120 (CW608N) CZ­12­0 C3­77­00 CW­60­8N BS­28­70
CZ121 (CW614N) CZ­12­1 C3­85­00 CW­61­4N BS­28­74 35­0-42­5 15-25
CZ126 (CW707R) CZ­12­6 C2­61­30 CW­70­7R BS­28­71 40­0 13­0H­V
CZ131 (CW606N) CZ­13­1; CZ­11­9 C3­53­40­; C3­53­00 CW­60­6N BS­28­74 33­0-35­0 22-28
CZ132 / COLFIT DZR (CW602N) CZ­13­2 C3­53­30 CW­60­2N BS­28­74 35­0-38­0 20-25
ZAMALLOY (CW704R) C6­70­00 CW­70­4R BS­28­74­; UZ­19­Al­6 78­0-83­0 54­0-59­0 7-10
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