Alloys for advanced engineering applications

Columbia Metals offers an extensive range of materials ex-stock to service virtually every industry. From aerospace to architecture, and from offshore to electrical, we have supplied suitable grades of metal for a variety of challenging applications. Much of our material is initially purchased by machine shops and subcontractors but the finished products end up as components distributed all over the world.

We hold special grades for specific industries such as naval and aerospace standards, along with internationally recognised specifications to ensure quality and continuity. This range, combined with our own high performance trademark alloys, ensures that we can offer a grade suitable for virtually any application.


Alloys for safety critical aerospace components

Columbia Metals has a large stock range of fully traceable materials ready for immediate supply to the aerospace industry. We have built up a collection of dedicated aerospace grades in stainless steel, nickel and copper based alloys, including a range of our own trademark alloys to meet the needs of more demanding safety critical components. […]

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High performance motorsport alloys

Several of our trademark alloys have become recognised as best in class for use in high performance racing engines. Due to a unique blend of properties, not available in other materials within the same price range, they are commonly employed for their excellent wear and bearing characteristics. COLSIBRO® has become established as the material of […]

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Marine & Defence

Corrosion resistant alloys for hostile environments

For over 60 years we have been building healthy relationships with marine engineers and shipbuilders and have developed a dedicated stock of naval engineering alloys, duplex and superduplex stainless steels. These are supplemented by our own trademark alloys and traditional alloys such as the cupronickels. All alloys for use in marine applications feature excellent corrosion […]

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Oil & Gas

Solutions for critical offshore components

Columbia Metals is an approved supplier to major subcontractors in the global oil and gas industry. Our materials are used in downhole tooling, valves components and assemblies and we have established ourselves as a high quality and reliable supply partner in this sector. Our alloys for the oil & gas industry feature excellent heat and […]

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