CW409J / NS106

Nickel Silver

CW409J / NS106

CW409J  is one of the most popular grades of nickel silver for deep drawing, spinning and other cold forming operations. It combines good strength and ductility with outstanding resistance to wear, corrosion and tarnish. It accepts a high degree of polish to a silvery white colour, aesthetically pleasing in its own right, while also providing an excellent base material for plated silverware – still one of its traditional uses. The alloy also finds many electrical and electronic applications and is readily soldered and silver brazed. The sheets are stocked in soft temper suitable for extensive cold working.

Related Specifications of CW409J

  • NS106
  • C75200

Nominal Composition of CW409J

Cu 63.0%, Ni 18.0%, Mn 0.3%, Zn rem

Key Features of CW409J

  • Excellent corrosion & tarnish resistance
  • Durable and wear resistant
  • High ductility / easily formable
  • Attractive colour
  • Excellent tonal properties

Applications of CW409J

General | Architectural metalwork, panels and trim; holloware, musical instruments, medals and medallions; costume jewellery, nameplates, cosmetic cases, lamp caps, lighting fittings, platters, bowls, dials, relay and contact springs; medical, industrial and scientific instrument components

Columbia Metals – a leading supplier of CW409J

With decades of experience and a huge range of stock, Columbia Metals is an industry leader in the supply of CW409J and other high quality specialist engineering alloys.

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  Related Specifications Mechanical Properties
Alloy Name BS UNS BS EN Others Ultimate Tensile Strength N/mm² Minimum Yield Strength N/mm² Elongation % Hardness HB  
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