C103 (OF) is a commercially pure grade of oxygen-free copper manufactured by pouring in a protective gas atmosphere or vacuum. The absence of oxygen ensures high levels of elecrical conductivity and low susceptibility to embrittlement when heated in a reducing atmosphere. This makes the alloy suitable for various types of welding.

Related Specifications of C103

  • C10200
  • CW008A
  • BS1432
  • BS1433
  • BS2870
  • BS2875
  • BS3839
  • ASTM B152
  • 2.0040
  • NF A51-118-1
  • Cu-OF
  • Cu-C1 (FR)
  • OF-Cu (DE)

Nominal Composition of C103

Cu 99.95% min

Key Features of C103

  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Outstanding thermal conductivity
  • Freedom from hydrogen embrittlement when heated

Applications of C103

General | Radar and other electronic equipment, anodes for vacuum tubes, glass to metal seals in electronic equipment, thermostatic control valves, rotor conductors for large generators and motors, electrical equipment for service at elevated temperatures in the presence of reducing gases and anodes for electroplating, particularly in cyanide baths

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  Related Specifications Mechanical Properties
Alloy Name BS UNS BS EN Others Ultimate Tensile Strength N/mm² Minimum Yield Strength N/mm² Elongation % Hardness HB  
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