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Stainless Steel

Form Size Range
3/16″ – 7″ diameter
10mm – 38mm A/F

We stock a wide range of stainless steel alloys as well as high performance duplex and superduplex alloys, special precipitation-hardening grades and a range of aerospace specification materials. Stainless steel derives its fundamental characteristic of corrosion resistance from an addition of chromium, which forms a passive surface layer on the steel when exposed to oxygen.

The five basic types of stainless steel are Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic, Precipitation Hardening and Duplex. These all feature varying levels of corrosion resistance, pitting resistance, strength, hardness and temperature resistance.

Some of the specialist grades stocked by Columbia Metals include alloys such as 310 heat resisting stainless steel, 17/4 PH & 660B precipitation hardening stainless steel and S31803, S32550, S32750, S32760 duplex and superduplex stainless steels. In addition, we also hold stocks of specialist aerospace stainless steels such as S80, S130 and S143.

Stainless Steel
  Related Specifications Mechanical Properties
Alloy Name BS UNS BS EN Others Ultimate Tensile Strength N/mm² Minimum Yield Strength N/mm² Elongation % Hardness HB  
Grade 310 31­0S­31­; 31­0S­24 S3­10­00 AS­TM A2­76 51­0 20­5 40
S32550 / AMAZON 256 S3­25­50 AS­TM A2­40­; AS­TM A4­79 76­0 55­0 25 28­0 ma­x
S32760 / SEACOL-760 S3­27­60 F5­5 75­0 55­0 25 28­0 ma­x
S31803 / COLDUPLEX S3­18­03 F5­1 62­0 44­8 25 28­0 ma­x
S32750 S3­27­50 F5­3; Sa­nd­vi­k SA­F 25­07­®* 76­0-80­0 31­5-55­0 15 28­0 ma­x
17-4PH S1­74­00 AI­SI 63­0
S80 BS 7S 80­D S4­31­00 S4­31­00 88­0-10­80 69­0 12 25­5-32­1
S130 BS 2S 13­0D­; 34­7S­31 S3­47­00 AM­S2­64­0, MS­RR­65­22 54­0 21­0 35 14­0-22­0
Grade 143D BS 2S 14­3D FV­52­0B 10­80 93­0 15
A-286 (660B) S6­62­86 AS­TM A4­53 (G­D 66­0)­; AS­TM A6­38 (G­D 66­0) 89­5 58­5 15 24­8 ma­x
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