Columbia Metals holds an unrivalled stock range

We have extensive stock of copper and nickel alloys, stainless steel and titanium in a range of forms and sizes. Our stock includes almost 100 grades of semi-finished material in round bar, hexagon, sheet, plate, tube and square.

All our material is fully certified and backed up by technical support from our team of in-house metallurgists.

We also offer steel and nickel alloy forgings through an extensive network of forging suppliers.

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Naval brass, free-machining brass, high tensile brass and other readily machinable grades


Broad range of aluminium bronze and phosphor bronze, including UK defence standards

Controlled Expansion Alloys

Iron and nickel alloys with near zero thermal expansion at cryogenic temperatures


Various grades and tempers with copper content up to 99.99%

Copper Alloys

Cupronickels, copper nickel silicon, beryllium copper and silicon bronze


Bespoke steel and nickel alloy forged components

Nickel Alloys

Popular nickel-copper grades used in offshore oil and gas and nuclear industries

Nickel Silver

Copper and zinc-based alloys in round rod and sheet

Stainless Steel

Duplex and superduplex alloys and specialist aerospace grades


Comprehensive stocks of grade 5 in the annealed condition

Trademark Alloys

Proprietary grades offering exceptional mechanical properties for demanding applications

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