DEF STAN 02-835

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DEF STAN 02-835

DEF STAN 02-835 is a hot forged, stress relieved high strength cupronickel developed primarily for marine and offshore applications. The alloy contains around 14.5% nickel, 4.5% manganese and smaller additions of aluminium and iron to increase the overall material strength and corrosion resistance. Specified as an MoD (Navy) grade, it combines the inherent corrosion resistance and antibiofouling benefits of traditional cupronickels whilst offering higher strength and toughness levels than the aluminium bronzes.

In addition to its high mechanical strength and general corrosion resistance, DEF STAN 02-835 also offers a good resistance to impingement, very good antigalling properties, a freedom from hydrogen embrittlement and a high impact strength. These attributes have enabled this material to be utilised not only in marine and offshore environments but also for high strength critical components in the chemical processing, general engineering and automotive industries.

Related Specifications of DEF STAN 02-835

  • C72420
  • DGS357

Nominal Composition of DEF STAN 02-835

Cu rem, Ni 14.5%, Mn 4.5%, Al 1.7%, Fe 1.0%

Mechanical Properties of DEF STAN 02-835

Ultimate Tensile Strength (N/mm²) Proof Stress (N/mm²) Elongation (%) Hardness (HB)
710-725 400-430 18-22

Key Features of DEF STAN 02-835

  • High strength
  • Excellent corrosion and biofouling resistance
  • Low magnetic permeability
  • High impact strength retained down to cryogenic temperatures
  • Spark resistance

Applications of DEF STAN 02-835

Offshore & marine | Critical marine fasteners, gears, shafts, pipe couplings, sonar equipment, connectors, flanges and subsea components

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