C107 is a copper alloy with a small addition of arsenic which provides the alloy with enhanced  tensile strength properties at elevated operating temperatures up to 300°C. As well as increasing the softening resistance, the arsenic addition also enhances corrosion resistance in specific environments.

Arsenical copper is de-oxidised, which gives it freedom from hydrogen embrittlement, making it ideal for applications requiring welding and brazing. C107 has excellent fabrication characteristics and is typically specified in boiler work, especially locomotive fireboxes.

Related Specifications of C107

  • C14200
  • BS2871
  • BS2875
  • 2.1491
  • Cu-DPA
  • CuAsP (DE)

Nominal Composition of C107

Cu rem, As 0.3-0.5%, P 0.03%, Fe 0.03%

Key Features of C107

  • Enhanced strength levels over standard copper
  • Retention of properties at elevated temperatures
  • Good conductivity levels
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Outstanding formability
  • Excellent joining properties

Applications of C107

Rail | Steam locomotive staybolts, rivets and boiler plates

Chemical processing | Chemical plant and equipment for relatively non-corrosive liquids and gases at moderately elevated temperatures

Columbia Metals – a leading supplier of C107

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  Related Specifications Mechanical Properties
Alloy Name BS UNS BS EN Others Ultimate Tensile Strength N/mm² Minimum Yield Strength N/mm² Elongation % Hardness HB  
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