Form Size Range
3/16″ – 6″ diameter

Sheet/Plate, Square, Flat and Tube also available

Columbia Metals supplies a number of grades and tempers of copper with varying levels of oxygen content. For the free-machining grades, the copper content is usually above 99% and for the purer grades the content rises to 99.90 to >99.99%. Copper offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity (second only to silver) which improves as the purity of the copper increases.

The primary manufactured grades of copper are electrolytic tough pitch (ETP; C101), phosphorus deoxidised (C106) and oxygen-free copper (OF; C103 and OFE; C110). Arsenical copper (C107) and tellurium copper (C109) also feature in Columbia Metals’ product range. Copper is used for a variety of applications from electrical parts to electronics and plumbing fittings to the construction industry, with each grade offering its own specific advantages.

  Related Specifications Mechanical Properties
Alloy Name BS UNS BS EN Others Ultimate Tensile Strength N/mm² Minimum Yield Strength N/mm² Elongation % Hardness HB  
C101 C1­01 C1­10­00 CW­00­4A NF A5­1-11­8-1
C103 C1­03 C1­02­00 CW­00­8A NF A5­1-11­8-1
C106 C1­06 C1­22­00­; C1­22­10­; C1­23­00 CW­02­4A BS­28­70­; BS­28­71­; BS­28­74
C107 C1­07 C1­42­00 BS­28­71­; BS­28­75
C109 C1­09 C1­45­00 CW­11­8C 2.­15­45
C110 C1­10 C1­01­00 CW­00­9A BS­14­33­, BS­38­39
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