Case Studies

Our wide range of alloys is used in a variety of applications throughout the engineering industry. Within our range we stock proprietary alloys – available only from Columbia Metals – which are widely specified in safety-critical and high performance applications demanding exceptional mechanical properties.

Our product mix is complemented with outstanding levels of customer service and technical support. This combination has led to hundreds of precision engineering companies relying on Columbia Metals as a valued and trusted supplier.

In this section, explore some recent applications of our products and understand why engineering companies choose to partner with Columbia Metals.



The supply of bespoke motorsport components is the main activity of Loughborough-based O D Engineering. With a proud reputation in motorsport...> Read more

DEF STAN 02-33

Spitfire Propellers

Interpreting material specifications dating back to the 1940s is a regular part of the work of Hercules Propellers, a specialist aircraft propeller...> Read more


Model railway wheels

For more than 50 years, Gear Services (Letchworth) have been manufacturing a range of 4mm scale model railway wheels under the product name of...> Read more


Photoelectron spectrometer

Oaston Engineering is heavily involved in the assembly of state-of-the-art scientific instruments. This creates a regular demand for the highest...> Read more


Wheel Nut Bush

Laranca Engineering has supported internationally recognised motorsport teams for 55 years and is meticulously focused on the materials suitable for...> Read more


Trumpet bells

Since branching out into the production of custom-made trumpets in the 1990s, Andy Taylor, the proprietor of Taylor Trumpets, has designed a diverse...> Read more


Chelsea Flower Show

The opportunity to exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show – arguably the most famous flower and landscape gardens show in the world – led...> Read more

Beryllium Copper

Timekeeping Balance Wheel

As an independent watchmaker, David Cottrell maintains a keen eye on metallurgical advances in order to ensure that optimal materials are used in his...> Read more