Case Studies

Alloy 718

High strength nickel superalloy

Swedish manufacturer Tractive AB approached Columbia Metals when searching for a material to replace the need for a protective coating on a critical steel component that was under frequent stress. Using the technical advice and expertise provided by Columbia Metals, allied with the support and responsiveness of the export sales team, a solution was quickly found.

Tractive believed a high strength corrosion resistant steel would be the answer to their problem. The company required ultimate tensile strength (UTS) to be around 900N/mm2, or as high as possible, and needed the material to be highly resistant to corrosion and stress corrosion in strongly oxidising conditions. In addition, Tractive emphasised the importance of high levels of hardness and ductility.

“Columbia Metals suggested we could use Alloy 718 and sent a sample to us in Sweden within three days of our initial contact,” says Marie Peil, Director of Sales and Marketing at Tractive AB. “We were impressed with their metallurgical knowhow and the speed of their response. Alloy 718 was the perfect material for a critical detail on our wall saws as this needs to be very tough. The wall saws cut different types of concrete in which a variety of materials may be present, and are used in corrosive, wet, humid, oxidising environments which attack exposed machinery components.”

About Tractive AB
Tractive AB is a Swedish company with over 35 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of two different product lines. The concrete cutting equipment division manufactures circular saw blades tipped with diamond segments. The automotive division produces transmissions and gearboxes for rally and racing cars.

About Alloy 718
Alloy 718 is a nickel-chromium alloy that combines high strength and corrosion resistance with an ease of fabrication and excellent weldability. The grade is widely used for the manufacture of components in the marine, aerospace, chemical, nuclear, offshore and petrochemical industries. Columbia Metals stocks Alloy 718 to the API 6A grade from 1/2″ to 6” diameter, and in the AMS5662 (solution treated) condition from 10mm to 2” diameter.

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