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Silicon bronze alloy

In his search for a suitable material for making mirror frames and tables, blacksmith Oliver Dakers relied on the support of Columbia Metals. He required a material that could be both hot and cold forged and was pointed in the direction of Coldur-A®, a trademark alloy of Columbia Metals.

“The technical help provided by Columbia’s team of specialists enabled me to ensure I could forge and form Coldur-A® silicon bronze into complex shapes and textures,” explains Oliver Dakers. “This was required by the design of the mirror frames, tables and other items I was making. Columbia Metals helped me understand the chemical composition of the alloy so that I could then patinate the finished product in a variety of ways.”

Oliver has used Coldur-A® in sheet and plate form to create bespoke and creative metalwork of the highest standard. “Since this work I have also used Coldur-A® to forge door knockers, handles and jewellery,” he says. “I am still finding more elaborate uses for this highly versatile non-ferrous metal alloy.”

About Oliver Dakers
Oliver Dakers is an experienced blacksmith operating from his own workshop in a former milking shed on a Herefordshire farm. He produces a variety of highly crafted bespoke designs ranging from helical baroque-styled staircases to ornamental gates. Oliver gains inspiration from the countryside in which he works and designs for a wide range of customers nationwide.

About Coldur-A®
Coldur-A® is a silicon bronze alloy renowned for its combination of strength, corrosion resistance and formability. Its attractive golden bronze colouration makes it a firm favourite with designers, sculptors, metalsmiths and fabricators alike. Columbia Metals holds stocks of Coldur-A® in the half hard condition in sheet form and from 1/4″ to 2” diameter.

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