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Chandelier candle holders

The use of Coldur-A® for chandelier candle holders at a world famous theatre is one of the more creative applications for this versatile alloy. The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, the candlelit indoor theatre at Shakespeare’s Globe in London, approached Columbia Metals when searching for a suitable material for exactly this purpose.

Coldur-A® silicon bronze forges well, has a lovely colour and tarnishes down very nicely,” explains Penny Spedding, the heritage metalsmith commissioned to create the props for the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. “The indoor candlelit theatre is the first of its kind and the alloy reflects the candles when it’s polished, creating even more light in the theatre.”

Coldur-A® sheet was selected for the forged cups and candle holders in a set of seven chandeliers.  The alloy was also used in candle sconces after being hand beaten and formed and subsequently silver soldered.

Penny is regularly commissioned for props, sculptures and furniture for theatres across the UK and has extensive experience in working with a range of metal alloys. “Columbia Metals has very helpful, informative and friendly staff,” she concludes.

About the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse is an indoor candlelit theatre forming part of Shakespeare’s Globe in London. The theatre opened in 2014 and has a design based on the indoor playhouses of Jacobean London.

About Penny Spedding
Penny Spedding is a heritage metalsmith who has been making and designing for theatres, private individuals and corporate companies since 1989. Her clients include Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Royal Opera House, Liberty and Madame Tussauds.

About Coldur-A®
Coldur-A® is a silicon bronze alloy renowned for its combination of strength, corrosion resistance and formability. Its attractive golden bronze colouration makes it a firm favourite with designers, sculptors, metalsmiths and fabricators alike. Columbia Metals holds stocks of Coldur-A® in the half hard condition in sheet form and from 1/4″ to 1.1/8” diameter.

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