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Colphos 90

Artisan centrepin reels

One of the increasingly popular techniques for recreational fishing is known as centrepin fishing, a method that uses a rod, reel and artificial fly. As a professional manufacturer of 10 different centrepin reels, Chris Lythe has intimate knowledge of the right materials to use to land the best catch. For this reason he has been hooked by Columbia Metals for over 25 years for the supply of high performance alloys for his bespoke, high end centrepin reels.

“There is something very special about fishing with a centrepin reel,” enthuses Chris Lythe, a keen angler who has been fishing since the age of 11. “Fishing with a centrepin offers a truly exhilarating experience when playing with a fish.”

Chris uses Colphos 90, a free machining phosphor bronze available only from Columbia Metals, for the bearing centre hubs on the reels. The presence of a 4% lead content in the alloy makes for a particularly smooth-running reel. “It is very free cutting and very nice to work with,” recommends Chris.

The reels produced by Chris are mostly 12 spoke and are either single ventilated or multi-ventilated. Sizes range from 3.1/2” to 4.1/2” diameter and vary in width from 3/4″ to 1.1/8”.

Over the years, Chris has also delved into another part of the extensive range of Columbia Metals alloys. “I also use nickel silver,” he says, “which is very traditional for making fishing reels as it is a lot stronger than brass. It holds its bright finish for a long time and doesn’t water stain.”

About Chris Lythe Centrepins
Based in North Yorkshire, Chris Lythe Centrepins has been producing a range of bespoke centrepin reels for over 25 years. Chris has developed 10 different patterns and supplies around the world for use in a variety of fishing situations. Chris can often be found fishing on the River Swale.

About Colphos 90
Colphos 90 is a high grade leaded tin (phosphor) bronze. With a free machinability rating some 90% that of CZ121 free-cutting brass, it is an ideal choice for intricate machining. Columbia Metals stocks Colphos 90 in round bar from 1/8” to 2.1/2” diameter, in hexagon from 5/32” to 1.1/4” A/F and in a number of sheet thicknesses.

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