Case Studies

DEF STAN 02-833

Nickel aluminium bronze

H I Fraser, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, manufactures products that are used in pneumatic, hydraulic and hyperbaric fluid systems. When the company required a material to manufacture nuts in a gas supply system, they turned to Columbia Metals for the supply of DEF STAN 02-833.

“We use this material in a NAB nut in a half coupling for a 400 bar gas supply system,” explains Igor Korgo, Manufacturing Manager at H I Fraser. “DEF STAN 02-833 offers high strength, corrosion resistance and above all it is readily machinable. We use this alloy in a variety of high pressure gas systems and medium pressure salt water applications.

“We use Columbia Metals as our supplier as we always receive a consistent quality of material, as well as excellent certification and documentation and very fast responses to any of our requests.”

About H I Fraser
H I Fraser is a specialist engineering company involved in the design, manufacture, supply, management and maintenance of high pressure hazardous gas systems and vacuum sewerage systems. Established in 1955, the company provides a diverse product and service range throughout the Asia Pacific region.

About DEF STAN 02-833
DEF STAN 02-833 is a nickel aluminium bronze containing aluminium as the major alloying element. This grade is primarily used for offshore and marine applications and offers high strength, excellent corrosion resistance in seawater and other aggressive media and high wear and abrasion resistance.  Typical applications include marine valves, pumps, couplings, fasteners, gears and marine propeller shafts. Columbia Metals stocks DEF STAN 02-833 in round bar (3/8” to 10” diameter), hexagon, sheet, flat bar and square form.

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