Case Studies

Our wide range of alloys is used in a variety of applications throughout the engineering industry. Within our range we stock proprietary alloys – available only from Columbia Metals – which are widely specified in safety-critical and high performance applications demanding exceptional mechanical properties.

Our product mix is complemented with outstanding levels of customer service and technical support. This combination has led to hundreds of precision engineering companies relying on Columbia Metals as a valued and trusted supplier.

In this section, explore some recent applications of our products and understand why engineering companies choose to partner with Columbia Metals.

C106 copper tube

Rolls-Royce engine cylinder blocks

A passion for Rolls-Royce cars and an ambition to perfect the design of cylinder blocks are the twin engines of Kent-based Ameeco Engineering. The company uses C106 copper tubing as part of its Rolls-Royce 20hp cylinder blocks that are now supplied worldwide. The Rolls-Royce Twenty was produced between 1922 and 1929. Designed by Sir Henry Royce, the […]

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