Columbia Metals Contributes Motorsport Alloy Expertise

13 March 2023

Columbia Metals has participated in an article on high performance motorsport alloys published in the February/March 2023 edition of Race Engine Technology (RET) magazine. In the publication, targeted at engineers in the motorsport industry, Columbia Metals provides its insight into the properties of Colsibro® and Trojan, copper nickel silicon alloys widely used for valve guides and valve seats.

Colsibro® is specifically featured in the magazine as the alloy used for valve guides in a state-of-the-art 4.0 litre V10 engine currently being developed for Rodin Cars. This engine, the Rodin FZero, is being produced at Rodin’s New Zealand base and has been designed to power a single-seated vehicle that aims to outperform a contemporary Formula One car.

Columbia Metals has a long and established history of working in the motorsport industry. Colsibro® and Trojan have become recognised as best in class for use in high performance racing engines. Due to a unique blend of properties, not available in other materials within the same price range, they are commonly employed for their excellent wear and bearing characteristics. Colsibro® has become established as the material of choice for highly stressed components in automotive and motorcycle engines. Trojan has similar physical properties and exceptional tensile strength.

Columbia Metals has provided technical insight to RET in the past and looks forward to contributing further expertise in future to benefit the readers of this prestigious publication. The February/March 2023 edition of RET can be accessed here.

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