Columbia Metals Makes Advanced Metals Contribution

29 January 2015

Columbia Metals has provided its technical advice and insight into a newly published article in Race Engine Technology (RET) magazine. The article, entitled “Alloys For The Future”, appears in January’s edition of RET, a prestigious publication targeted at engineers in the motorsport industry.

RET conducted interviews with Columbia Metals’ technical team in order to further understand recent advances in the manufacture and processing of metals and race engine applications in which they are used.

Columbia Metals has a long and established history of working in the motorsport industry. Several of its proprietary alloys, most notably COLSIBRO® and TROJAN, have become recognised as best in class for use in high performance racing engines. Due to a unique blend of properties, not available in other materials within the same price range, they are commonly employed for their excellent wear and bearing characteristics.

COLSIBRO® has become established as the material of choice for highly stressed components in automotive and motorcycle engines. TROJAN has similar physical properties and exceptional tensile strength.

Columbia Metals is delighted to support the technical research carried out by the team at RET and to be part of the detailed article published in the January edition of the magazine.

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