Columbia Metals Obtains AS9120 Certification

31 October 2019

Columbia Metals is pleased to announce that it has successfully obtained AS9120 to complement its longstanding ISO9001 certification.

The new certification provides a further demonstration of the company’s commitment to quality and reflects an ongoing programme of refinement and improvement to business systems and processes.

AS9120 will enable Columbia Metals to play a more active role in the aerospace and defence industries. The company’s stock range is under continuous review to ensure it remains appropriate to the needs of these critical sectors of the economy.

Columbia Metals is already a key supplier to the aerospace industry and holds leading approvals including BAE Systems Regional Aircraft, Safran Landing Systems and Leonardo Helicopters. The company’s stock encompasses a broad spread of alloys including aluminium bronze, brass, cupronickels, copper and its alloys, nickel alloys, nickel silver, phosphor bronze, silicon bronze, stainless steel and titanium.

AS9120 certification is the standard for distributors to the aerospace industry, which by its very nature demands high reliability and quality. The standard incorporates all the elements of ISO9001, providing assurance to the end customer that the distributor has ensured all products are properly sourced and traced.

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