Columbia Metals Publishes Updated Nibron Design Guide

14 March 2016

Columbia Metals has published an updated guide on Nibron Special® for the use of design engineers and material specifiers. The guide features technical data and discussion of the mechanical performance of Nibron under a range of operating conditions.

Nibron Special® is a copper-nickel-aluminium alloy suitable for a wide range of applications including marine and subsea use. “The alloy has an enviable track record of success stretching back over 30 years,” says Dr Ian Moody, Product Manager at Columbia Metals and author of the guide. “It is a highly versatile alloy and has been specified and used in a wide range of applications.”

Columbia Metals’ design guide to Nibron outlines the chemical, mechanical and physical properties of the alloy and describes its microstructure and the manufacturing routes used in its production. The guide also contains a wealth of technical data pertaining to tests Columbia Metals has carried out on Nibron, demonstrating its performance when exposed to varying temperatures and corrosive environments. With a section on design considerations and typical application areas, the guide furnishes design engineers with detailed information that can be relied on when specifying the material for use.

Nibron Special® is available exclusively from Columbia Metals in round bar from 1/2″ to 9” diameter, and in hexagon up to 41mm A/F. Columbia Metals’ in-house metallurgical team is available at any time to provide technical support and consultation on Nibron and any other materials within the company’s stock range.

The full design guide is available to download here.

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