Norsok Certification in Place for Forgia Rapida

1 December 2015

Columbia Metals’ Italian forging partner, Forgia Rapida, has gained Norsok M-650 qualification for two grades of duplex stainless steel. The forge has successfully received qualification from international certification body DNV for ASTM A182 F51 (S31803) and ASTM A182 F60 (S32205) material.

Norsok M-650 is a manufacturing route specification that will enable Forgia Rapida to offer its forged products to an even wider customer base. Through an exclusive partnership with Columbia Metals in the UK, Forgia Rapida is already able to manufacture items including impellers, diffusors, shafts, rings and blocks for applications in the power generation and oil and gas industries.

More information on Forgia Rapida’s capabilities is available here. For further details or to make an enquiry, please contact us directly.

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